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Falcao Heads to Old Trafford, Wenger Heads to Rome

This is probably not the news you were wanting to wake up to.

Looks like they won't be teammates after all.
Looks like they won't be teammates after all.
Michael Regan

Despite interest in Colombian international striker and very-rich-person Radmael Falcao from both Manchester City and Arsenal, Falcao has reportedly opted out of Champions League (and Capital One Cup) football for this year in order to sign with Manchester UnitedAccording to the Guardian, it's a one-year loan deal at £6m, plus United will be on the hook for most (but not all) of Falcao's ginormous £300,000-a-week salary.

According to both the Guardian and the Daily Mail, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is off to Rome today, but it's not a last-minute jaunt to help secure a Serie A player (as far as we know). Rather, it's for a scheduled charity match tonight. According to the far-too-gleeful Mail:

Arsene Wenger will struggle to be involved in any late-night transfer bids on deadline day, because he is taking part in a charity event in Rome.

Pictures of the Gunners boss at Heathrow airport have emerged on twitter, sparking excitement among Arsenal fans about a potential new signing.

But Sportsmail can reveal that Wenger is actually booked to referee in the 'Match for Peace', alongside players such as Leo Messi, Andrea Pirlo and Ronaldinho, at Roma's Stadio Olimpico on Monday night.

The article goes on to say "The event is to promote inter-religious peace through sporting engagement," which is nice and all BUT IT'S NOT TRANSFER ACTIVITY.

And to think that we were laughing at this tweet from this well-known transfer news stylist yesterday:

And not to snuff out all the transfer window hopes in one round-up article, but the Mirror is surmising, based on quotes from William Carvalho, that he's happy staying at Sporting Lisbon and won't be the answer to some fans' loud clamoring for a proper defensive midfielder.

Fear not, though -- there's at least one report (albeit, from Metro) that Arsenal will bid £40 million for Borussia Dortmund winger/CF project/all-around stud Marco Reus before tonight's deadline -- even though his release clause reportedly dips to under £20 million next year.