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Johan Djourou seals permanent move to Hamburg

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Good luck, Johan.

Oliver Hardt

In a move that should surprise nobody, Johan Djourou has signed with Bundesliga side Hamburger SV on a permanent basis, according to Arsenal's official website.

The Swiss defender spent all last season with Der Dinosaurier as well as part of 2012-13 on loan with another German side, Hannover 96. Djourou had not started a match for Arsenal since 2012, when he featured in two league cup matches, and there was virtually no chance he would ever be a part of Arsène Wenger's plans again. After a somewhat promising 2010-11 season was derailed by a dislocated shoulder, Djourou never regained his form for the Gunners, and although he continues to play for the Swiss national side, his time at Hamburg has been somewhat limited as well.

The move makes more or less no impact on Arsenal; Djourou wasn't on any huge wages, and those were most likely paid by his German sides anyhow, at least in part. His fee from Hamburg, undisclosed, will no doubt have helped a bit with the Alexis Sanchez purchase, so, yay for that.

All in all, Djourou seemed like a good dude and usually had a smile on his face, and we all wish him the best in Germany.