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Spendy Wednesday: Replacing Vermaelen Edition

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You may have heard: Thomas Vermaelen's on his way to Barcechester United. Here are some of the candidates to expensively replace him.

More Germans? Why not!
More Germans? Why not!
Matthias Kern

Calum Chambers is not enough defensive help -- not with Thomas Vermaelen for sure headed to Manchester United or Barcelona before the end of the transfer window. Luckily, there are no less than three deals in the works for replacement central defenders, if today's papers are to be believed.

Would you want Mats Hummels? He's rated at £35m according to Transfermarkt, and it's hard to imagine that Borussia Dortmund's interested in letting the rock of their defense flee to England, but Express says that it's a possibility (based on a very loose interpretation of an Arsene Wenger quote). They're also saying that United are the favorites to secure Hummels' services, and that magical unicorns will do the groundskeeping at Old Trafford this season.

Daniel Agger, who has been transferring to Barcelona for forever, it seems, now is (according to The Mirror) leaning toward a move to North London, if his former Danish club doesn't lure him back to the land of Havarti cheese and Nicklas Bendtner.

And, apparently, Manchester City is finally ready to deal its 21-year-old Matija Nastasic (according to Tuttosport, by way of Metro), and though Juve, Inter, and Galatasaray seem more likely destinations than a Premier League rival, Metro maintains that Wenger has been "tracking him" since he was 16.


SPENDY SEZ: I do not know why we need real live defenders. We will just make Iker Casillas our goalkeeper and stack four piles of money in front of him, ha ha! But seriously, I see that Mats Hummels is worth £35m. And I hear that Hummels figurines are quite collectible. FORSOOTH! MAKETH WITH THE RAIN!