Request for Suggestions for TSF Glossary 3.0

Hi everyone. I have a polite request. The Short Fuse has developed quite a fun commenting culture. A couple of years ago, Ted Hardwood, one of our splendid writers/moderators took a collection of nicknames, memes, and general jokes that we had developed over the years and compiled them into a Glossary. Last year, I went ahead and updated the Glossary to include newer material that had developed since the original was published. Now, I would like to do the same. If you could please help by submitting any and all jokes/memes/nicknames that you feel deserve to go in the Glossary, please list them here. For reference, here's last year's update.

First order of business - Do we keep the nicknames of players who have left? I had previously deleted Arshavin and Robin van Persie from the list, but I had always felt regret in removing "meerkat". This year, with Sagna, Frimpong, and Bendtner leaving, we have a great deal of splendid nicknames that are no longer part of the club. So, I leave it to you, the TSF Commentarate. Do we keep the memorable nicknames for players who have departed the club, or continue to delete them?

Second order of business - what do you feel should be trimmed from the list? Some things are no longer really used anymore, such as Boris Becker ITK or Jack the Lad. Should these be trimmed, or just let them be?

Third order of business - New nicknames. These players do not have nicknames listed as of yet. What do you guys like to call them (personal suggestions in parenthesis)

Flamini (flimflam, flameo)


Gibbs (Ox - see Marriner'd)












Other Nickname suggestions

Chesney, Chezzers


Final order of business- My suggestions for the new Glossary.



Smoking Jack

Flamini sleeves

Flamini will blind you

Rosicky/Flamini tackle

Please contribute as you see fit. Thank you!