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Benik Afobe Loaned To MK Dons

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No burying the lede for us!

He played for them yesterday. That's how.
He played for them yesterday. That's how.
Pete Norton

Summer is a nervous time for the younger footballer. Already trying to learn more about the game, the younger player also has to contend with being what in other sports would be called a "trade chip" - they're cheap, they're rarely integral to a team's immediate plans, and teams think nothing of selling off or loaning out a kid that they don't have plans to use this season. All of this makes for rough summers for the kids, not knowing if they'll stay or go, a decision which can sometimes impact a player's entire career.

Benik Afobe is one of those young players, but it would seem he's one that Arsene and Arsenal see as a future contributor, because he's not ready to push for a place yet, but instead of being sold he was loaned today to MK Dons, after spending last year on loan at Sheffield Wednesday.  Interestingly, going to MK Dons was his choice:

I heard about the interest [from MK] around 10 days ago, and as soon as I heard, I came to speak to the manager. I was happy with what he said, I like the philosophy, and after watching them play on Saturday, my mind was made up.

So Afobe, 21, will continue his development in Milton Keynes this season. We wish him luck, and maybe next summer he'll be competing for a place at Arsenal.

UPDATE: Apparently young Mr. Afobe is out of contract at the end of this season.  Whether that means he's in the proverbial shop window and whether MK may buy him outright, I don't know, but it's far from certain that he'll be pushing for that Arsenal place next year I guess.