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Win Streaking!

Kelly Smith's 2014 managerial debut ends in victory for the Arsenal.

Arsenal 2 (Ohno, Ayisi 69') - Birmingham City 1 (Carney 90')

Starters: Byrne, Scott, Stoney, Fahey, Mitchell, Williamson, Bailey, Nobbs, Yankey, Ayisi, Ohno

Substitutions: Kinga for Mitchell 78', Weir for Ayisi 89'

Unused Subs: Chamberlain, Smith, Murray, Humphrey, Sampson

Hello everyone welcome to the Arsenal Ladies tour. Please keep your hands and feet inside the cart at all times. Now, if you look to your right you will see fourth place. Everyone wave and say hello fourth place! Ah yes, she's much nicer than last place wouldn't you agree?

Yes, yes that's correct the Arsenal Ladies continued their fine form today with another win, and have now jumped over Manchester City to claim fourth place on the FA WSL table. Sticking with the theme of four, today's win means the Gunners are now undefeated in their past four FA WSL games. They've also won two straight games. It seems that things could be getting better in North London.

Today was Kelly Smith's 2014 managerial debut, and she passed the test with flying colors. She didn't even go all Gareth Ainsworth and sub herself into the match. Sure it wasn't a pre season scrimmage, but still, its the restraint that counts.

With Chelsea looming next on the schedule, I think the team has a lot of confidence right now. Plus with new manager Losa coming in next month, morale should be at a high this season. I'm not saying Arsenal should grab a win against Chelsea, but don't be surprised if they keep...surprising people.