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Wenger: Arteta, Gibbs not ready for Leicester

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Clive Mason

According to Arsene Wenger in today's press conference, Arsenal will face newly-promoted Leicester City on Sunday without the aid of captain Mikel Arteta and left back Kieran Gibbs:

Arteta will certainly be short for Sunday. Kieran Gibbs as well. I don't think we have any injuries from Wednesday night against Besiktas.


Aaron Ramsey will be back in the squad, as he was merely suspended for the Besiktas tie on Wednesday. Wenger also had news on the team's other long-term injuries, noting that backup keeper David Ospina is back in training but "probably short" for Sunday still and that Serge Gnabry is still a ways out from being "back in the group". And clearly Olivier Giroud is going to be unavailable as well.

If one had to guess, then, one might surmise a similar lineup to the group that took on Besiktas midweek, with Ramsey coming back into the side in place of either Mathieu Flamini or Jack Wilshere, or possibly Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. One hopes that whatever the case, Mesut Özil gets to play more centrally than he has lately.

We'll have more for you ahead of Leicester on Sunday as things develop.