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Wenger: Giroud has had surgery, out until December

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The striker will not be ready for game action for three to four months.

Clive Brunskill

As originally feared, Arsenal will be without striker Olivier Giroud for a period of months, as his broken tibia has required surgery which was performed without incident today. According to Arsene Wenger, he will miss between three and four months, meaning he won't be ready for game action until late December or January of 2015.

The way forward from here is unclear. There's still nearly a week before the summer transfer window closes, and after beating Besiktas to qualify for the Champions League group stages, we'll have a fair amount of money available to spend. But considering there are not-insignificant needs both at the striker position and in midfield, it's hard to tell where Arsene Wenger's priorities will lie.

Either way, there's a chance of a move being made.