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Arsenal vs. Besiktas: Match Thread and TV Info

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No worries, right? Right?

This isn't dodgeball. Don't try to catch it.
This isn't dodgeball. Don't try to catch it.
Clive Brunskill
Arsenal vs. Besiktas
UEFA Champions League Play Off, Second Leg
Emirates Stadium, Islington, London
Wednesday, August 27 11.45 PT/2.45 ET/7/45 BT
US TV: Fox Sports 1 | Worldwide listings at

It's time for leg two of the Champions League play off.  Leg one went...ok I guess?  A draw was a decent result, a score draw would have been better, a win, well, let's not go nuts.  Anyway, it's 0-0 heading into tonight, which means nerves will be running high, at least among the chattering classes.

Arsenal's situation is well known - no Meaty French Forehead, no Arteta, and no Ramsey. But all the World Cuppers are back, so objectively, Arsenal should see this game out without too much trouble. But That's Why They Play The Games and all that, of course, so I'll just be sitting over here in the corner, rocking back and forth and clutching my bottle of Pepto-Bismol and repeating "Arsenal are the better team" over and over until the final whistle.