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Spendy Wednesday: Striker Panic Buy Edition

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It's the last Spendy Wednesday before the deadline. You may have heard that we need a striker.

It's him or Zigic.
It's him or Zigic.
Michael Regan

So, there's this issue Arsenal's having. With the meaty French forehead of Olivier Giroud sidelined for an alarming period of time (perhaps for the rest of this calendar year), our choices up top are a Costa Rican winger who is new to this whole first-team football thing, and a French striker who has the coordination and control of a drunk baby giraffe, who is only able to score against Benfica. Some in the English media have noticed this development, and they have some names.

Slide shows are fun, which is how The Independent has chosen to highlight Loic Remy (£8.5M), Danny Welbeck (£16M), and Wilfried Bony (£20M), who all are available and plausible. They're also bandying about Marco Reus' name, bolstered by recent Metro revelations that there were summer talks for him prior to the injury that kept him out of the World Cup. He's now happily back from that, and is not technically a striker, but would probably settle in to the Arsenal side just fine.

There's also talk of Torino forward Alessio Cerci, according to the Daily Mail, who scored 13 times and added 12 assists in 37 appearances last year as a winger/second striker.

The Independent is also trolling Arsenal fans a bit by throwing Julian Draxler into the slide show (taking them back to a very enjoyable January transfer window which promised Draxler and delivered Kim Källström), but not as much as Metro, who has Arsenal in for Birmingham City's 6'7" Nikola Zigic, and finishes its article with a poll question asking: What's better than Zigic? Sanogo or getting punched?"

But the biggest name of all (aside from the obligatory mentions of Edinson Cavani, who appears to be welded to PSG for the time being) is Radmael Falcao, who can be all Arsenal's (for the season) on a £20M loan that includes his exorbitant wages, if Metro is to be believed.


SPENDY SEZ: I do not like the thought of just one striker, but I do like the thought of this RAD MALE FALCON fellow! I hear he is quite expensive, and he plays for my favorite city Monaco! I also like the idea of paying to have him for a season, and then getting to pay for someone else all over again next year! It is like leasing a car! Specifically, a Bugatti! FORSOOTH! MAKETH WITH THE RAIN!