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Don't Call It A Comeback

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Arsenal Ladies grab a crucial win at Manchester City.

Arsenal 4 (Nobbs 6', Carter 58', Yankey 69', Stoney 82') - Manchester City 0

Starters: Byrne, Scott, Stoney, Fahey, Mitchell, Williamson, Bailey, Nobbs, Carter, Yankey, Knaak

Substitutions: Ayisi for Knaak 84'

Unused Subs: Chamberlain, Murray, Kinga, Ohno, Smith, Weir

After a four week break for international friendlies, including the U20 WWC, the Gunners gang is back together.  The win makes 10 points out of a possible 15 for the Arsenal, which has now moved up to fifth in the FA WSL standings and is just one point behind Man City for fourth place. Started from the bottom now we here indeed.

It really was an all around excellent match for the Ladies, with Jordan Nobbs coming back into the fold and causing us to ask "what back injury?" Nobbs was all over the field, constantly providing pressure and slotting players in behind the Man City back line for most of the game. Our girl Dan Dan Carter also got a goal, which hopefully means the floodgates are open now for the young striker.

Speaking of young, the Gunners' resident U23 German Turid Knaak continues to have an excellent loan this FA WSL season. Her creativity really helps the Arsenal midfield by leaps and bounds. She deservedly got an assist in today's match, setting up Rachel Yankey for perhaps the game sealing goal. Yankey was a terror in today's match, as it seemed like she was always in space to take a shot just outside the penalty box.

Casey Stoney provided the cherry on top of today's performance, finishing off a corner in the matches final ten minutes to further enforce a well deserved win for the Gunners.

Up next the Arsenal Ladies have a bit of a break before facing first place Chelsea on Thursday, September 4th. Three points could vault Arsenal into fourth place, which is a serious accomplishment after the way their FA WSL season started.