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The Ox and Gibbs nominate Andre Marriner for the ALS ice bucket challenge

I'm not sure if the #banter from this one can be surpassed.

too soon
too soon
Shaun Botterill

Okay, so if you've been around here at all over the past six months or so, you've seen the "Marriner'd" jokes. For those of you who are new, during the debacle at Stamford Bridge last year, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain committed a silly handball in the box, and conceded a penalty and was sent off. Only there was confusion in the refereeing team, led that day by Andre Marriner, which led to Marriner showing the red card to Kieran Gibbs instead. It was a massive mistake. And when you send off one player for a foul another committed -- particularly when it plays into a well-known stereotype of racism -- well yeah, you're going to get jokes. And you're going to deserve it.

But I never know whether the guys on the team think the same things are funny as we do, so I love seeing stuff like this.

If Andre Marriner doesn't accept the challenge, then I'm going to be pretty upset. And he should nominate Howard Webb, just to see if we can get him to nominate Sir Alex Ferguson. We've got to keep the #banter flowing, you know.