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Everton vs. Arsenal team news: Germans in, Arteta out

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Mikel Arteta's ankle will keep him out, but there may be reinforcements out of the former Holy Roman Empire

Michael Regan

As was expected by most everyone hearing of Mikel Arteta exiting the Besiktas match in a walking boot, the Spanish midfielder will miss the Everton match at Goodison Park this Saturday, according to Arsene Wenger on the official club site. He says everyone else who was available for Besiktas should be good to go, however, and in addition, he had this to say about Mesut Ozil, Per Mertesacker, and Lukas Podolski:

I will check of course today and tomorrow to see if they will be available for selection. That is a target I fixed to them to prepare to be ready for selection against Everton. Will I use the three? Certainly not because they lack competition but they might be included for Saturday.

"Will I use the three? Certainly not"...followed by "they might be included for Saturday". My guess, here, is that Wenger Knows Best has taken over. If that's not actually the case, though, I *think* that Wenger means that all three will be in the squad, but it's unlikely that all three will play.

Anyway. Without Arteta around, expect to see Mathieu Flamini, unless Calum Chambers moves up to the midfield (at Goodison, this seems unlikely, given his lack of experience). What do you think?