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Lukas Podolski close to an Arsenal exit?

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After recently coming back to training from his World Cup break, he might now depart in order to secure regular playing time

Drew Gibson

There's no doubting Lukas Podolski's an entertaining chap.  Not only does he understand the draw and attention a person of his stature can command through social media, but he genuinely seems like he's just as goofy and free-spirited away from the camera lens.  Having a player of zaniness around no doubt helps ease tension throughout the squad, and he helped guide, and went out of his way to back and support, Mesut Ozil last year through his first season in England.

However, when it comes to past production and the depth at his position, it's safe to assume that Podolski's quickly fallen down Arsene Wenger's pecking order.  Which leads us to today, where German publication Bild has quoted his agent as saying there is "concrete interest" for his services, with Turkish side Galatasaray heading the queue:

Poldi advisor Nassim Touihri IMAGE confirmed yesterday: "There have always been questions. Now we have a concrete interest of some teams. Luke in London but feels good. (translated)

If Arsenal can secure £12 million for Podolski, which is the rumored fee at the moment and £2 million more than his fee from Cologne to Arsenal in 2011, that would be yet another fantastic piece of business conducted by Wenger.  It would free up his £100K/week wages, which is far too much for a player that's not a consistent starter, and would give Wenger the ability to make, perhaps, one more significant signing before the transfer window closes in 11 days.