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Besiktas manager Slaven Bilic's one-match suspension upheld by UEFA

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After being sent to the stands by the official in last night's scoreless draw, the Croatian manager will take up position high up the Emirates' stands in next week's decider

Dmitry Korotayev

On a night when many decisions went against Arsenal that left biased and neutral observers scratching their heads, the north London club will at least see one event from last night's match go their way.  UEFA confirmed today that the automatic one-match suspension that normally accompanies a manager's dismissal to the stands will be in place next week for Besiktas' manager Slaven Bilic, with possibly more discipline to follow.

Bilic was seen aggressively working controversial official Milorad Mazic following Ramon's yellow card early in the second half; following that animated discussion, Arsenal were given two yellow cards in the following two minutes - both which could be argued were picky at best, and downright absurd at worst.  Arsenal ended up collecting two more tacky yellow cards later in the second half by the Serbian official, one of which saw midfielder Aaron Ramsey off in the 80th minute for the first time in his professional club career.

The Turkish side will surely feel confident going to Arsenal after earning a scoreless draw, but in order to advance to the Champions League group stage they must do so without their influential manager in the locker room and touchline.