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Gedion Zelalem takes the ice bucket challenge, screams like he stepped on a Lego

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This is about what my reaction would be if I got challenged.

Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

You've probably heard about the ALS ice bucket challenge. The idea is that someone challenges you, and you're supposed to post a video within a set amount of time where you dump ice water over your head, or else you get publicly shamed into making a $100 donation to the ALS Association. Either way, you are supposed to make a donation (and judging by the fact they've raised over ten times the money this year as last year in the same period, it seems to be working).

Nobody should be all that surprised that Arsenal is now getting involved. And since the hub of the challenge is here in the United States, it shouldn't be that surprising that Gedion Zelalem is our guy.

That sounded pretty damn cold. Zelalem challenged a couple of youth teammates in Chuba Akpom and Daniel Crowley, but also threw in Jack Wilshere. I'm hoping Jack keeps the chain going through the team, because I really want to see a Lukas Podolski ice video. I feel like it would be the smash hit of the summer.