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Arsenal vs. Crystal Palace: The good, the bad, the ugly

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You're going to see quite a bit more of the last two than you're used to in a win.

PICTURED: where the vanishing spray is actually supposed to go
PICTURED: where the vanishing spray is actually supposed to go
Clive Mason

Remember that game yesterday? Yeah, that was fun. The end was, at least. Some good things happened, some bad things happened, and some ugly things happened. Luckily for those curious about that, we have a regular update on good, bad, and ugly stuff! And it's this!

The Good

  • Arsenal won. I don't really care how it happens, when we get three points I'm going to be happy.
  • AARON RAMSEY GOAL TIME makes its return from day 1 of the new season. And in the form of a last-minute winner, too.
  • Calum Chambers might be lying about his age. I'm not convinced he's only 19, he's too good and too composed.
  • Laurent Koscielny's header on his goal. The body position he had to take to get his head to it was one thing, but putting it in off the back of his head was some choice stuff.
  • After coming on as a substitute when Kieran Gibbs was injured, Nacho Monreal was good. It's still unclear how severe the injury is, but I feel pretty comfortable with Nacho starting for a bit, if need be.
  • Mikel Arteta played well again as the lone deep midfielder in a central trio, and seems to have a really good understanding with Calum Chambers already. That's great from both of them.
  • Alexis Sanchez has got some skills. When he's more integrated with the team, he's going to be extremely exciting to watch.

The Bad

  • Arsenal, for much of the game. The passing and movement in particular was not great. I debated between "bad" and "ugly" for this one, and settled here because UGH.
  • The defending on Brede Hangeland's goal. Someone really ought to have marked him.
  • The defense in general looked a bit unsettled, even though individually they all played pretty well. Understandable, with two new additions, as well as a substitution.
  • Yaya Sanogo wasn't great. He's been okay in the past in games against packed defenses (like the last hour of the FA Cup final), but he wasn't nearly physical enough today to do much good.
  • Kieran Gibbs got injured. That's not good.

The Ugly

  • Marouane Chamakh's hair.
  • Marouane Chamakh fouling everything that moved for most of the game with no repercussions.
  • Jon Moss spraying Santi Cazorla in the face with vanishing spray.
  • Santi Cazorla's talent vanishing for the day. He'll be fine (he just had a great game against Manchester City last week) but man, this was not his day.
  • Crystal Palace's tackling. Ouch.
  • Wojciech Szczesny going Full Neuer on the play leading to the foul that led to the Palace goal.