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Arsenal vs. Crystal Palace: Match discussion, television

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Today is the day.

"I wonder if I left the TV on"
"I wonder if I left the TV on"
Ross Kinnaird

Arsenal vs. Crystal Palace
Barclays Premier League
Saturday, August 16 2014
12:30pm Eastern - 11:30am Central - 9:30am Pacific - 5:30pm London
The Emirates Stadium, London, England
Television: NBC

Welcome back, everyone.

Not that you haven't been here all summer. Things have been Happening, really ever since the last game last season. And presumably you haven't been in a cocoon or some kind of alien spacecraft, so you're not exactly new to this year's Arsenal team. But if you are, that small-ish Chilean dude is called Alexis Sanchez. I think you'll like him.

For more details on what may or may not happen today, here is our match preview. Feel free to enjoy it until the game begins (at time of writing, this is over six hours away).

If this is your first gamethread, the rules are more or less the same as other threads, but I will refresh you:

  1. No namecalling of any kind, as directed towards others in this thread. Be nice, or be somewhere else forever.
  2. No vile banter -- that is, no bigotry, in the forms of sexism, racism, homophobia, or any other such thing.
  3. Do not post illegal streams for this or any other game.

If you violate these directives, warnings will be few and retribution will be swift. If you think something might be in violation, don't say it. Be the person who's not an asshole.

Lineups will be posted when they exist. Enjoy the game!