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Auf wiedersehen: Nicklas Bendtner signs for Wolfsburg

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After several years of false starts, the Dane has found a team other than Arsenal to pay him.

that's not where that's supposed to go
that's not where that's supposed to go
Mike Hewitt

Former Arsenal striker and more recently unemployed person Nicklas Bendtner has signed a three-year contract with Wolfsburg, after making practically no appearances for Arsenal in the past several years. It's been hard for Bendtner to find a team that met his conditions of 1. offering playing time, 2. not cutting his pay too much, and 3. existing. It appears he's finally been successful, so congratulations to him, and condolences to Wolfsburg's taxi drivers and pizzeria owners.

Manager Dieter Hecking had this to say:

We want to play a good role in all three competitions this season, and to do this we need players who already know what this kind of challenge is all about...Nicklas embodies precisely the kind of striker we were looking for. He fits the profile and is going to strengthen our squad.

The Short Fuse manager Thomas Wachtel had this to say:

Smell ya later, Nicklas Bendtner. Smell ya later forever.

For more on The Greatest Striker That Ever Lived, here's Friend of the Blog @Heisenbergkamp's season/career review, which deserves your attention once more.