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Will Tony Pulis be out as Crystal Palace manager before Saturday?

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Less than 48 hours away from their opening match at the Emirates versus Arsenal, Crystal Palace may find their start to the season even more challenging than before

Mike Hewitt

I seem to remember something like this happening before.  A manager of an EPL club hoping to improve his squad, quits days before the new season begins due to a squabble with ownership over the lack of funds needed to buy the players he wants?  Yes, this has recently occurred before.

Nearly four years ago today, then-Aston Villa manager Martin O'Neill walked out on the club after clashing with owner Randy Lerner regarding that summer's transfers, or lack thereof.  Villa had finished the past three seasons 6th in the EPL - each of them led by O'Neill - and the manager felt like he would be able to replace James Milner, who left for Manchester City a year after Gareth Barry left the West Midlands club to go to City, as well.  The story of Villa since O'Neill's departure is one of sadness for the once-great club, as they've flirted with relegation nearly every season since his split.

All of which brings us to the news today, from David Ornstein, that Crystal Palace owner Steve Parish and manager Tony Pulis are so divided at the mom(ent), over the direction of the club regarding transfers, or in Pulis' eyes, a lack of players coming in this summer, that Pulis is set to quit the club.  It was going to be a challenge for Palace to gain three points in their first match, away to Arsenal, but it'll be a monumental task if Pulis were to disrupt the season's preparations by quitting so late in the off-season.  If he leaves, it's not a stretch to assume that Crystal Palace suffers much like Aston Villa did in 2010, due to the instability surrounding the club.

There's still more to come out of this bit of news, obviously.  Parish can convince and reassure Pulis that funds will be available for him to finish his squad building before the transfer window closes on September 1st.  There's also the possibility that Parish shows Pulis where the door is if he's so upset at what's available to him.

Regardless, stay tuned.  A quick resolution - either way - is very likely before Saturday.

UPDATE: It's official. Pulis is out. Keith Millen will manage Crystal Palace on Saturday.