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Community Shield - Arsenal 3-0 Manchester City: WE'RE GOING TO WIN THE LEAGUE

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Once you start winning things, it's hard to stop.

Ross Kinnaird

1-0 Santi Cazorla 21'
2-0 Aaron Ramsey 42'
3-0 Olivier Giroud 60'

Arsenal played well to win the Community Shield, beating Manchester City solidly by a score of 3-0. Arsenal were good on the counter and dangerous playing around the box, and though the backline was slightly makeshift, the defense and Wojciech Szczesny all were good when called upon.

All three goals were quite good, really. The first came through Cazorla, after some good play in the final third. Jack Wilshere played the ball forward to Yaya Sanogo, who tried to pass to (I think) Aaron Ramsey, who was tackled to the floor. The ball ran to Cazorla, who took a dribble and placed a low shot near the far post and in. The second was a great counterattack - Alexis Sanchez led the move, then played the ball to Sanogo who held it in the box until Ramsey was able to get there to provide an outlet. Ramsey took a touch to create space, took the shot, and he had another Wembley goal to add to his mixtape. The third was basically just Giroud kicking the ball near the goal and hoping it went in. It owned.

Other notable performances included Calum Chambers, who was once again was impressive in central defense, and Alexis Sanchez, who wasn't at the peak of his powers but was still dynamic, particularly in the counterattack. It was a slightly more proficient performance all-around than last year's final friendly of the season against Manchester City. I wouldn't mind making this a tradition.