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Mikel Arteta named Arsenal captain

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Clearly our poll yesterday was ignored. WHERE HAS OUR ARSENAL GONE

Clive Mason

After the sale of Thomas Vermaelen to Barcelona yesterday, Arsenal needed a new captain (well, technically at least). Today we have one, and I'm pretty sure absolutely nobody will be surprised by his identity.

After our very scientific and important vote yesterday, I think it's fair to say that Arsene Wenger refuses to listen to what the fans really want, and should be immediately sacked. I'll be starting preparations for a mass protest at the home opener, so start rounding up bin bags wherever you can find them.

Anyway, good for Mikel, hopefully he enjoys wearing strips of fabric around his arm whilst playing soccer. It's a nice honor for one of the most influential players in the team for the past few years, and all around a pretty cool dude. Hopefully the Community Shield won't be the last trophy he lifts as captain.