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Joel Campbell a part of Wenger's long-term plans?

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The Costa Rican international appears to have secured a spot within Arsenal's squad this season

The future
The future
Laurence Griffiths

After going out on loan for three-straight seasons, it appears that Joel Campbell has completed his continental education in the eyes of Arsene Wenger, with the boss all but saying today that the speedy forward has a place in his squad this season:

The tricky forward impressed many observers last season on loan at Olympiacos, scoring this beauty against Manchester United in the Champions League, and he carried over his form to the World Cup where he, for a lack of better words, literally beat Uruguay by himself in Costa Rica's opening group stage match.

Campbell has the ability to play across the entire front line, which will come in handy as Arsenal are in four competitions and are usually beset with at least half a dozen injuries at any given time.

However, Campbell also has the ability to do this...

...that really has me excited.

With Theo Walcott and Alexis Sanchez seemingly set at starting on either side of Olivier Giroud, along with a host of other squad members who can play up front and to the side of Wenger's preferred lone center forward, Campbell might not have the clearest of paths to start on a regular basis.  But from that Vine alone, for me, it's not hard to envision Wenger calling on Campbell late in matches to provide pace, acceleration and technical quality on the ball needed to secure crucial league and Champions League points.

I'm very excited at what Campbell can bring to Arsenal.  Arsene Wenger, apparently, is excited as well.  And you should be, too.