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World Cup Semifinal The Second: Open Thread

Hopefully this one will be better.

Big Funny German
Big Funny German
Martin Rose

Netherlands vs Argentina
Arena Corinthians, Sao Paulo

Well, after yesterday's result, I think we're all hoping for something a little more...competitive?  Resembling an actual game? Anyway, today we have the Dutch, never-time winners of the World Cup, taking on the Argentinians, who haven't won the Cup since 1986 and would love to add 2014 to that and their 1978 win.

The American in me says "the Dutch should win because they've never won the Cup yay parity" but then I remember that the little boy - who apparently has a widdle bit of a dicky tum-tum, the poor lamb, but should be good to go - plays for the Dutch, so screw that.  Lionel Messi has the good fortune to be Argentinian and to have won other things with Barcelona, so he doesn't get stuck with the ridiculous American notion that "HE DIDN'T WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP SO HIS CAREER IS INVALID" since he has yet to win a World Cup. You know, like Ted Williams, Tony Gwynn, Patrick Ewing, John Stockton, and any number of other elite athletes who don't have a championship.

Still, he'd love to win the World Cup, and I'd love for the little boy not to, so up the Argies.  Game's know, if you  haven't figured out where the game is on by now I don't know what to tell you.  Enjoy!