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World Cup Semifinal One Open Thread

It's business time.

Guys it's not the world track and field championships
Guys it's not the world track and field championships
Martin Rose

Brazil vs Germany - 1PM PT
Estadio Minerao, Belo Horizonte

So here we are - four teams left.  And to the surprise of probably no one, they're four major teams.  Today's game features a Brazil team that is without two of its main weapons, the broken Neymar and the suspended Thiago Silva.  They still seem to be slight favorites over a Germany team featuring Mesut Özil, Per Mertesacker, Lukas Podolski, and a bunch of other guys who have the misfortune of not playing for Arsenal.

Brazil are under tremendous pressure to win the whole tournament, of course, but the Germans will probably be the toughest test they have faced yet. Which, given their form up to this point, probably means Brazil will win 5-0, because soccer.  It should be a good game, though, and you'd have to think that there'll be a couple goals in it even if it goes to penalties - I don't see this being one of those dour semis that nobody wants to lose so they pack guys behind the ball for 120 minutes until the shootout.

In the US, the game is on ESPN; CBC in Canada, etc. etc. etc.  Enjoy the game.