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World Cup Quarterfinals Day One Open Thread

24 down, 7 to go.

He's not screaming in pain, he's shouting AHA
He's not screaming in pain, he's shouting AHA
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

After a two day break so everyone's breath could collectively get caught, the World Cup is back with a vengeance today, with two of the four quarterfinal matches.

9AM PT: France vs. Germany
1PM PT: Brazil vs. Colombia

The early game is probably the one casual fans will be most interested in - two big names fighting for a berth in the semifinal is always good for the neutrals, particularly if France wears those gorgeous blue uniforms.  The later game, though, is kind of the more intriguing - Brazil haven't exactly been the dominant force people have exptected them to be, and if they're not careful, Colombia might spring a surprise on them.

In the US, the early game's on ESPN2, while the later one's on ESPN, and if you're one of those millennials that watches stuff on your smart watch while tweeting with your Google Glass, it's also on  CBC in Canada, other services elsewhere - if you need to find the games somewhere, you know the drill by now.