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Santi Cazorla Once Again Linked With Move Back To Spain


He looks tall when he's in the foreground
He looks tall when he's in the foreground
David Ramos

Santi Cazorla has played pretty well in his time at Arsenal, but there have been some rumblings, prior to the World Cup, that he also wouldn't mind heading back to Spain.  A report from the Independent via AS adds a little more to that theory today:

Cazorla is looking increasingly likely to move away from the Emirates this summer with Atletico Madrid seeming like the most plausible destination.

Now, as with most summer "news", you'll want your Grain Of Salt: mostly, there's no attribution to this theory, and Cazorla himself has said he's happy at Arsenal and wants to help them win things.

That said, there have been noises this summer that Santi might go, and while those noises may not be entirely credible - even Metro dismisses them! - the fact remains that Atletico Madrid need to fill a Diego Costa-shaped hole in their lineup, and Simeone has always been a Santi Cazorla fan.

Is this a story?  I don't know. I would love to see Santi stay, though.