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Spendy Wednesday: Attack of the Attacking Midfielders Edition

You may have heard that we are still in the market for a defensive midfielder. But Spendy thinks attacking midfielders are more fun, and many of them cost more as well.

Clement Grenier with 2014 Transfer Window MVP Sami Khedira? NOW it's transfer season
Clement Grenier with 2014 Transfer Window MVP Sami Khedira? NOW it's transfer season
Valerio Pennicino

While much of the focus on Arsenal's transfer window of late has been on the mythical defensive midfielder, and questions of whether to Carvalho (now that we appear to be able to) or Khedira (because that saga won't yet die), we seem to have forgotten all about attacking midfielders. Alexis Sanchez should have been enough, yes? Not when a certain Mr. McWarchester's involved!

Rumor has it that before Alexis signed on the dotted line and inspired the "Got Our Man" Puma jersey campaign, Arsenal was actually in for Marco Reus, according to our man Kike Marin -- an event which would have prompted half the TSF staff to just give up on wearing pants. But, alas, Reus suffered a nasty injury which kept him out of the World Cup (though his shirt made it!) and will keep him out of the early part of the season. But torn ankle ligaments be damned! CaughtOffside's exclusive (that's right) says that £32M will deliver the Dortmund star to the Emirates.

But why buy Marco Reus when you can buy Juan Quintero for half the price? At least, that's what Metro's surmising, as they tick off the names of the Colombian World Cup squad, assign an absurd number like £15.8M to the player owned by Porto, and fancifully place him with Arsenal. Turns out they're using the article, in part, to troll CaughtOffside.

In the meantime, the Mirror has Arsenal in for "unsettled" Douglas Costa, who made his first Spendy Wednesday appearance last week, as well as Nottingham Forest goalie Karl Darlow -- which will make things awkward for arriving-any-day-now Iker Casillas.

And with obligatory French transfer target Antoine Griezmann reportedly off to Atletico Madrid, spurning Spurs' advances, another obligatory French transfer target has entered the arena -- ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for LYON'S CLEMENT GRENIER! According to the ALL-CAPS-USIN' EXPRESS, he's been AXED from Lyon's touring team, which means he's BOUND FOR Arsenal or Newcastle. Express also notes that the Reus deal is ALIVE, though they have him bound for United along with Arturo Vidal and Edinson Cavani, as part of Manchester United's plans to spend a £200 million warchest and effectively say, "How ya like me now, Monaco?"


SPENDY SEZ: Um, wait, what was that? A ... £200 million ... warchest?