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Carl Jenkinson Reportedly To Be Loaned To Reportedly Soon To Be Managerless West Ham

Lots of "reporting", but is there fire under the smoke?

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So long, son
So long, son
Jamie McDonald

With the arrival of Calum "Thirty-Six" Chambers, a lot of us were left wondering what was going to become of young Carl Jenkinson.  Not in a life sense - he's not going to die, or be shot into space, or anything dramatic - but more in a "where does he fit" sense.

Today, we may have the answer to that question - he'll fit in, at least for a season on loan, over in East London. At least according to the Telegraph:

Jenkinson, 22, has been made available following Arsenal's £16 million signing of Southampton's Calum Chambers and West Ham are on the brink of beating competition from Hull City, Swansea City and Queens Park Rangers to take the right-back for the forthcoming campaign.

The rest of that story is pure gold - Jenkinson may show up to a managerless West Ham, because Sam Allardyce just got dissed on Twitter.  Or something.  I'm really glad I'm a fan of a club that doesn't deal with shenanigans.