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The Continuing Sad Saga of Andre Santos Continues

Beaten up by his own fans, and then dropped from his Brazilian side -- not a good week for the guy who wore #11 just before Özil

"Wanna change shirts?" The awkward beginning of the end for the once-Arsenal defender.
"Wanna change shirts?" The awkward beginning of the end for the once-Arsenal defender.
Alex Livesey

Remember Andre Santos? The formerly promising and now former Arsenal defender -- who last wore the #11 jersey before one Mesut Özil snatched up the unusually available number -- has had a harrowing week, according to a sad but compelling article in this morning's Guardian.

According to the article, Santos' Flamengo team was thrashed 4-0 by Internacional on July 20, a result leaving them at the bottom of the table. A group of fans attacked him post-game, kicking him and punching him (according to a Daily Mail article) as he was leaving the stadium's dressing room. Two days after the incident, Flamengo's top brass piled on by releasing the 31-year-old left back.

His Twitter account has been understandably silent since July 16, though a recent tweet shows one classy act by a photogenic former teammate, and Santos taking to Twitter for an equally classy thank you:

The Guardian article points out that Santos' two years at the club was far from successful. Their painful summation:

The Brazilian’s two-year spell at the club, between 2011 and 2013 included 13 Premier League starts, one attempted high-speed getaway on the M25 and one ill-advised half-time shirt swap with Robin van Persie. All in all, not a great return for the £6m Arsène Wenger paid to secure the defender’s services from Fenerbahce.

Still, though, let's hope it turns around for the former Gunner. Fan-on-player violence is loathsome, and no one -- especially anyone associated with our beloved Arsenal -- should suffer that.