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Arsenal vs. New York Red Bulls: Match Thread and TV

It's game day in the Garden State!

Energy Drink Arena
Energy Drink Arena
Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Arsenal vs. New York Red Bulls
New York Cup
Red Bull Arena, Harrison, NJ
Saturday, July 26 2PM PT/5PM ET/10PM BT

Arsenal's quest for a Meaningless Cup Double kicks off today as they face the Red Bulls in what is generously being called the New York Cup.  Combine this with an Emirates Cup win in a couple weeks and Wenger's aggressive transfer strategy will really start to bear fruit, right?

Anyway, this should be a fun game - my main worry here, as with all meaningless games, is injuries.  Arsenal are still trying to get to full fitness and are letting a lot of kids have their day in the New Jersey sun today, so mostly I just hope none of them get hurt while they're doing it.

All the usual caveats apply - don't read anything of significance into the game, tactics, strategies, or anything. Just enjoy it for what it is - Arsenal's first American appearance in 25 years - and realize it's just a bit of fun. So, have fun watching, whether you're there in person or watching at home/bar/wherever.