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Premier League Games Now Coming To A Theater Near You

NBC is pushing the envelope again, and it's kinda awesome.

He was in a movie!
He was in a movie!
Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

One of the best ways to watch a soccer game is as part of a big group of people.  The natural place to do that is in a bar - sports and beer go hand in hand, right?  But what if someone isn't 21, or is over 21 and wants to bring their kids, or doesn't drink, or doesn't otherwise feel comfortable in a bar?  The options up to now were few - stay at home, or find a restaurant with TV's.

But this coming season, NBC has upped the ante a bit.  They're partnering with Fathom Events to bring the 7AM (Pacific Time) game on Saturday mornings to movie theaters around the US. This is a really cool idea - bars are great but showing a game in a theater means that the game will be on a massive screen and everyone will have a great view, no jostling to get a spot close to the one TV that doesn't have closed captioning on or dead pixels or whatever.

The only issue I can see right now is a fairly limited number of theaters seem to be participating, but I have a feeling that as the season progresses more and more will be added.

Games to be shown are TBD, and will be announced the Tuesday prior; check Fathom's website for more info.