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TSF Meetup in New York: We'd Like To. Would You Like To?

We have a potential time and a few possible venues in mind -- now, we just want to know if YOU'RE going to be there, or if we just eat everything at the amazeballs-looking restaurant across the street from the Blind Pig.

Where some of your faithful writers will be this weekend.
Where some of your faithful writers will be this weekend.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

So, a few members of your hardworking TSF staff are taking the TSF Jet to New York City this weekend for all the Arsenal vs. Red Bulls excitement. The weekend's going to be chock full of Gunnersaurus, Thierry Henry sightings, festivities at three different 14th Street bars, and a jaunt off to beautiful Harrison, N.J. for the actual match.

Also, we are realizing, a ton of you will be there -- people we know through snazzy comment names and avatars, who we share the ups and downs of Arsenal fandom with from year to year. We've experienced 8-2 and 6-0 awfulness together, and we've celebrated the Özil and Sanchez signings and FA Cup win together. Many of us have claimed to lose pants over certain goals and throughballs and tackles and saves, but we've never really gotten visual confirmation of those pants being lost.

That could all change on Saturday night. You guys wanna hang out?

We have a time slotted (9 to 11 p.m. on Saturday makes the most sense, and allows for the most TSF staffers in one place the whole weekend), and we're looking at a few spots along the 14th Street corridor. If it doesn't happen, you'll just probably find me here trying to put a Chairman Bao and a Birdhaus Bao in my mouth simultaneously in between drinks with Arsenal folks across the street. But me (and the rest of the TSF staffers in New York) would love to find a spot where can hang out for a bit, put a face to a screen name, say hello, and tip a glass to the new season.

Who's in?