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Report: Lionel Messi "asked about" Arsenal move

He ended up signing a new contract instead, but LIONEL MESSI AAHHHHHHHHHHHHAHHHHHHHHHHAH

"I hear London is a nice place to live." "Oh? Hm, let's ask Francesc."
"I hear London is a nice place to live." "Oh? Hm, let's ask Francesc."
David Ramos

So this is kind of a fun one, even if it never would have happened: apparently, according to Friend Of The Blog Kike Marin, Lionel Messi - yes, the one who's really good, not the other one - was "seriously considering" a move to Arsenal last spring, before deciding instead to sign a new contract with Barcelona.

According to Metro:

The paper claims that Messi had spoken to close friend Cesc Fabregas about his time at Arsenal, and also sounded out other acquaintances about a switch to London.

He had apparently already instructed his agent to discuss with the Gunners whether a transfer could realistically take place, before Barca quickly moved to sort out his future.

I have to assume this was before Cesc did this to himself, because obviously nobody in their right mind would listen to him now.

Anyway, Metro says part of the attraction to Arsenal for Messi was his "huge" admiration of washed-up Specialist In Failure and Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger. So it's a good thing that Wenger's still at Arsenal, because if this story had come out after he left (as oh so many of our sillier fans would like), I probably would have murdered someone.

Of course, now that Messi's a World Cup failure, we could probably get him for £15 million or so. LET'S DO IT, ARSENE.