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Guess who just got RT'ed by Piers Morgan?

Hint: He's deathly handsome, actually does not like Piers Morgan but decided to pay him a compliment when it was due, and just so happens to be the author of this post

Chris Trotman

Yeah, no lie.  This just happened:



As much as I rip the guy and make it a point to destroy his insane opinions regarding the club, I'm not going to blindly tear apart him when he rationalizes his opinions with thoughtfulness and understanding as to why he believes the things that he does.

Over the course of three interview sections in his Arsenal Fan TV interview - where it normally gets beyond batshit insane with some of the conversations with fans, which has produced many an Arsenal meme - he, of all people, managed to keep a calm, cool, collected head about him talking about Arsene Wenger when I fully expected him to talk about Arsenal and the manager in a way that he normally does on Twitter.  That is, to be a frothing idiot who would make more sense if he smashed his face against his keyboard.  Piers even mentioned that he occasionally regrets what he says on Twitter, which doesn't sound remotely like a Piers Morgan thing to say.  The guy is truly, madly in love with himself, so for him to open up and admit a bit of reluctance about the harsh things he's said in the past was a bit out-of-character.

So, yeah, all-in-all, it was refreshing to see and hear him not completely dumb down an opportunity to talk to a global audience about Arsenal.  I'm definitely not holding my breath about the prospects of a more-reasoned Piers Morgan on Twitter, but I will take the baby steps when they present themselves.

In the meantime, I need to figure out how to get my phone from blowing up now.