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VIDEO: Arsenal players prepare to fit in in New York


Michael Regan

It's been a long time since Arsenal have come to the United States, but they're on their way and they're getting ready. For most of the team, being recognized on the street won't be a huge deal - soccer's growing here, but we're not quite to the point where a random citizen will see Carl Jenkinson and think he's anything but a goofy tourist. Which he is, but I digress.

Like characters in any good (bad) comedy movie, the lads are practicing their New York accents, so they don't end up like Pavel Chekov in San Francisco. So far the results are...mixed.

Jenkinson is reasonably good, for the most part, and I think Kieran Gibbs should be able to survive. But Serge Gnabry is in a little over his head here, and Mathieu Flamini is about as good at accents as he is at tackling without almost killing people. I will admit that I'm pretty sad Lukas Podolski isn't back from vacation, though. I'd like to hear him try to sound American.