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Arsenal Ladies Roundup

While I was gone, the Ladies visited the Islington Town Hall to celebrate that FA Cup Victory, and played quite a lot of soccer.

Oh boy. Last time I wrote about the Arsenal Ladies was way back at the beginning of the month, when the Gunners grabbed a Continental Cup win against Chelsea to extend the win streak to three games and wore special jerseys that caused us to question the last time the word bespoke was used. Good times all around.

Fast forward a bit. My computer's hard drive decided to die and thus I wasn't really in a position to be posting any articles. For that I apologize. From the emotional toll of learning I lost every file on my computer to the monetary toll of dishing out cash for a brand spankin new hard drive, I was a broken woman.

But enough about my pity party. The computer, like myself, is back up and running, so lets get caught up on what's happening in the world of the Arsenal Ladies.


The Gunners grabbed a spot in the semifinals of the Continental Cup for the fourth straight time on the heels of two straight wins against the London Bees and the Millwall Lionesses. Arsenal took care of business against the Bees, winning the match 7-0. Braces from Alex Scott and current loanee Turid Knaak lead the way, and helped Arsenal jump into a two-way tie for first place in Group One.

To cement a spot in the semifinal the Ladies posted another shutout, defeating Millwall 4-0. This time around it was Dan Dan Carter's turn for a brace, and Niamh Fahey and Leah Williamson joined in the fun to guarantee the quest to a fourth straight continental cup was still alive. The three points put Arsenal in a two-way tie for at the top of the group with Chelsea, with both teams advancing.

The semifinal will take place either on the 6th or 7th of September, with the opponent still to be determined. Regardless, the Arsenal Ladies seem to be well on their way to a fourth straight Continental Cup title. While that means basically nothing, it still feels nice to say huh?


As we all less than fondly remember, the Arsenal Ladies were posted up at the bottom of the FA WSL for quite a while there. However, things had started to turn around as the Gunners got their first win Super League win of the season against the defending champs Liverpool, and also ended a three-game scoreless streak in league play. Its also important remember that heading into their matchup with Chelsea, the Ladies were riding a five-game winning streak.

Well all good things must come to an end. The Arsenal dropped a harsh result to Chelsea, falling 2-1. Our Queen Kelly Smith scored the lone Gunners goal on a penalty kick to cut the lead in half just one minute after Chelsea had gone up 2-0. Unfortunately, that was enough for Chelsea, who held on to grab three points and halt the Arsenal win streak.

Despite the small setback the Ladies still seem to be on track for a bit of a comeback in FA WSL play, and have a fair chance of not finishing in dead last. Its the little things, isn't it? The Arsenal was able to get back into the swing of things with a big 2-1 win against Everton, yes that Everton they beat for the FA Cup, and now have seven points in seven games. Not the best, but not the worst, because Everton is the worst with just 2 points this season.

Alex Scott continued her fine form with the game winning goal in the 84th minute, and Danielle Carter scored the other Gunners' goal on the day. Arsenal currently sit in 6th, out of eight teams, in the table. However, the Ladies are only two points away from fourth place.

Up next, the Arsenal Ladies face Notts County this Sunday for the second time this season, and I fully intend to have an recap up in a timely manner. Again, I'd like to apologize for this massively late update. Hopefully my new hard drive lasts a long time and we won't have to deal with all this drama for a second time.