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Cold Water Thrown on Khedira Rumors

David Ornstein and James Rodriguez figure into the saga.

This handsome fellow has entered the Khedira narrative.
This handsome fellow has entered the Khedira narrative.
Robert Cianflone

Despite all the excitement that Metro and CaughtOffside caused in the Twitterverse yesterday with rumors of Sami Khedira and Arsenal agreeing personal terms, there are increasing indications that while Khedira is leaving Real Madrid, it won't be for Arsenal or Chelsea.

Bild is reporting that the James Rodriguez to Real Madrid move is impending, and to help offset the massive price tag this move would require, Los Blancos might be offering Khedira to Monaco as part of the deal. In the absurd math that ensues when Real Madrid and Monaco shop for players, that means £75 million PLUS Khedira for Real to have its cuddly, Bieber-esque answer to Neymar.

There is a L'Equipe article being cited by Express as proof to Khedira-to-Arsenal is still probable, but it's in the context of this analysis of Arsene Wenger's summer spending compared to previous years.

And we have it on authority from the Ornacle that Arsenal's moved on:

Conspicuously absent from the list is a striker; BBC Sport is now reporting that the Loic Remy ship has sailed off to Liverpool, so there's two transfer rumors dashed in one morning.