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Reports: Khedira Move Back On, Could Be Announced Monday

Suddenly, I'm flashing back to Draxler in January.

Are there three Gunners in this picture, or four? I don't even know anymore.
Are there three Gunners in this picture, or four? I don't even know anymore.

There's nothing more credible than Metro on the case right now, but they're running with Spanish media reports of Khedira's departure, plus a CaughtOffside "exclusive" (uh-oh!) saying that personal terms have been agreed between Arsenal and Sami Khedira, and the midfielder/World Cup winner/Mesut Özil BFF could be announced as early as Monday. In case you haven't been following the saga, the teams had apparently agreed on a transfer fee of £24 million last week, but Khedira was allegedly looking for a salary that would make him the highest paid player on the team. Khedira's agent then denied there was any interest, and reports from a few days ago had Arsenal abandoning Project Bring Sami to the Emirates in favor of Southampton's Morgan Schneiderlin, because, really, Southampton hasn't lost enough players this offseason.

But now, if the media is to be believed, the following has happened:

1. Khedira and Arsenal have agreed personal terms -- 4 years, at £140,000 a week, which does make him the highest-paid player on the team, but not at the bloated Rooney-esque weekly wage numbers being thrown out there;

2. Scheiderlin wants to rejoin his former manager ... which means the French international would ply his trade on Thursday nights in Transylvania with Spurs; and

3. Somewhere, in the midst of all this coming to terms with Khedira, Arsenal put in a £24 million bid for Sporting Lisbon's William Carvalho, but the Portuguese club wants something more in the neighborhood of £36 million.

The CaughtOffside quote of note is here so you don't have to click on the article:

"CaughtOffside understands that the Gunners have spent the past three days locked in talks with the 27 year old battler’s representatives and have come to an agreement on personal terms and are confident a deal will be secured in the next 48 hours."

There's no corroboration from more legit sources yet, though type "Khedira" into Twitter's search box and you'll see optimism abound. This rumor's getting legs.

There are also rumors about David Ospina's deal being done, Iker Casillas coming over to a suddenly crowded goalkeeper spot, and Mario Balotelli being captured for £15.8 million, but that last bit of "news" is purely a CaughtOffside concoction that Metro is calling into question, which is akin to Kim Kardashian criticizing Miley Cyrus, and puzzling given that they're running with a CaughtOffisde exclusive (again, uh-oh!) for the Khedira news/"news."

So, Khedira will be announced officially tomorrow (and CaughtOffside will be the blind squirrel catching the nut), or he won't. The transfer window really is the gift that keeps on giving.