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Arsenal vs. Boreham Wood: Three Questions

It's baaaaaaaaaaaaaack

This blurry guy plays for Boreham Wood! We had a picture in our photo tool!
This blurry guy plays for Boreham Wood! We had a picture in our photo tool!
Jan Kruger

Arsenal vs. Boreham Wood
Saturday, 19th July 2014
Meadow Park, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire
2.45 PM England/9.45 AM ET/6.45 AM PT

The preseason officially kicks off tomorrow, with Arsenal's traditional friendly against Boreham Wood.  I love that in this age of trips abroad and bags of money, Arsenal still play a friendly they've played for seemingly a thousand years, despite having no real playing reason to do so. Since I know nobody from that part of the world, and since Boreham Wood, shockingly, doesn't have an SBN presence, I'm going to ask myself these questions.  Preseason!  Anyway, let's get to the questions:

ME: Boreham Wood?
Me:  Yes!  Boreham Wood ("The Wood") play in Borehamwood, a town about 12 miles northwest of the Emirates.  Most famous for being the home of Elstree Studios, which is where, among many other things, the Muppet Show was produced. This automatically makes Borehamwood one of my favorite places, because honestly, if you don't like the Muppet Show, you're 45% less of a person than you should be.  Oh, and Simon Cowell's from there.

Boreham Wood FC currently ply their trade in Conference South, the second level of Conference football and sixth level in the overall English league system.  They finished 13th last season, level on points (53) with Basingstoke Town.

ME: Great, but why do Arsenal play there every year?
Me: Arsenal Ladies play at Meadow Park, and in fact Arsenal recently gave Boreham Wood FC £15,000 to help redevelop the stadium to what Vic Akers calls "the best facilities on offer in the UK women's game".  So the clubs have a long business relationship as well as a competitive one.  Plus, it's neat when big clubs go to small towns to play friendlies; it's a level of access to a club like Arsenal that most people won't ever get and that I'm envious of.

ME: What should I expect tomorrow?
Me: It's the first friendly of the season, dingus. Despite Arsene's promise to field a strong lineup, expect nothing of significance.  Expect a bit of running around, maybe a few goals, and that it's awesome the season's that much closer to getting started, but don't expect to intuit anything about Arsenal's season, tactics, or shape from 90 minutes at Meadow Park. It's just a kickabout in the sun.

Thanks to me for taking the time to answer these questions.  And thanks to you for reading them.  Game tomorrow! Finally!