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Sleep In, Gooners! Premier League Moves Arsenal Season Opener to 12:30 ET Slot

When you go to bed August 15 with visions of Premier League sugar plums dancing in your heads, you can sleep in if it's just Arsenal you want to watch.

"Here, fans! Have a few extra hours of sleep!"
"Here, fans! Have a few extra hours of sleep!"
Charlie Crowhurst

The official Premier League website has listed a welcome time change for Arsenal fans who like their sleep as much as they like their soccer -- the first match of the season, originally slated for Saturday, August 16 in the 2 p.m. GMT slot, has now been moved to the awesome 4:30 p.m. GMT slot. This, of course, not only means that American fans get to tune in at the more civil 12:30 ET/11:30 CT/10:30 MT/9:30 PT times, but the Saturday late game gets a slot all its own, meaning that the London-Derby-of-Sorts (vs. Crystal Palace) gets all the Premier League attention on a day that starts with Manchester United vs. Swansea in the stupid-early slot.

And then, whaddya know, it's the same story on the 23rd, when Arsenal travel Merseyside for a potentially crazy good match against Everton at 4:30 pm GMT. And then, the next week, Arsenal travels to Leicester for the Sunday, August 31 4 p.m. GMT slot, grabs the stupid-early time for the Sept. 13 rager against City at the Emirates, and goes normal for its Saturday, Sept. 20 match against Villa before going, once again, into the Saturday late match time for Sept. 27's NLD at the Emirates.

You can see the broadcasting schedule as we know it so far on the Arsenal fixtures page on the Prem's site here.