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Arsenal announce Debuchy shirt number

Hint: it's not 54.

Tom Dulat

With the long-awaited signing of Newcastle fullback Mathieu Debuchy, we of course have all been waiting on pins and needles to find out what it does to the squad numbering. Now, after what seemed like months of wondering, we have our answer.

Debuchy will take the #2 shirt vacated by Abou Diaby when he switched to #24. So now the first choice fullbacks will wear #2 and #3 (that's Kieran Gibbs, taking Bacary Sagna's old number) and the first choice centerbacks will wear #4 (Per Mertesacker) and #6 (Laurent Koscielny). For those of us who are pedantic and OCD enough to care about the team's numbering scheme, this is a real step forward. It's certainly an improvement from the days where we had a centerback wearing the #10 shirt, or our first choice goalkeeper was in the #53.

For the rest of you, this just clues you in on what number your new Mathieu Debuchy Arsenal shirt will have on it when it comes in the mail.