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Get ready: Debuchy rumored to be announced today

According to reports, Arsenal's new right back could be unveiled Thursday.

racing to the finish line, hopefully
racing to the finish line, hopefully
Matthias Hangst

There's been a lot of talk about Mathieu Debuchy for a while. He picked up the Right Back Transfer Target standard after Serge Aurier dropped it trying to take another selfie in an Arsenal shirt. Then he was the frontrunner for a while, and now for a couple of weeks or so he's been On The Verge of signing.

Well, according to media reports (including the Standard here, the first I saw to report it), the actual announcement should be made today. According to one of our favorite Twitter insiders (if that's even a thing):

So yeah, I'm trying not to count my chickens before they're officially announced on Arsenal Dot Com, but it really, really, REALLY seems like this is a deal that should be done if not today, but really soon. Hopefully at some point we can stop doing these "almost there!" posts and actually announce a damn signing. It's been like a week since we've done it, I'm starting to get withdrawal.