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Cazorla: "Next year, I play for Arsenal"

Early summer's worries over a possible departure appear to have been premature.

Shaun Botterill

Earlier this summer a few rumors popped up claiming that Santi Cazorla wasn't as happy at Arsenal as one might hope, and that he might be on the way out the door. Then the links started - Atletico Madrid, mostly - and one would be right to be a little worried that the Spanish midfielder might be on his way out the door.

Thankfully, he took a moment to clear things up.

Honestly, in a logical sense the rumors never made a ton of sense. After Arsene Wenger snubbed Cesc Fabregas' attempt to return to Arsenal, Cazorla's place in the squad was fairly secure. A move back to Spain might be good in the future, but with Cazorla just having signed a new contract, he really didn't have the leverage to leave if Wenger wants him to stay. All the signs pointed to a return, and here we are.

Still, it's nice to hear the player himself say it, just so we don't have to fear some kind of terrible late-summer surprise. And it means we might have more of this.