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BREAKING: Alexis Sanchez has an adorable bunny


PICTURED: artist's rendering of Alfonso the Bunny
PICTURED: artist's rendering of Alfonso the Bunny
Ross Kinnaird

Arsenal signed Alexis Sanchez yesterday, and I'm still in a pretty good mood over it. So I've spent some time today looking around the Internet for other stuff about our new Chilean striker extraordinaire, and HOLY CRAP A BUNNY RABBIT YOU GUYS

Alexis explained in the interview how he found the animal: "A few months ago I was coming home with my mom. We saw a rabbit on the street. It’s an area visited by wild boars looking for food. We saw the rabbit and my brother and I went out to find where he was. We were looking for this rabbit for half an hour, but it was a good training for us. Finally, I covered the animal with a towel and now I have Alfonso in my house. More than once I’ve returned back home before training because I forgot to feed the rabbit ."

There's a picture of Alfonso in the post, and prepare yourself for dangerous levels of Cute. This is the most adorable thing I've ever seen, and that includes this picture. I hope he brings Alfonso to training and he eats the grass and stuff. I have to assume we tacked on an extra million for him. This is the best signing ever.