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Friday Morning Open Thread

It's our first open thread with Sanchez as a Gunner!


That gif-heavy Sanchez party thread is absolutely killing both my hoary old work network and my ancient mobile phone, so here's a brand new bucket of conversation in which to put your words.  Words about what?

- Luis Suarez to Barca?
- Wesley Sniejder to United?
- Argentina vs. Germany?
- Neymar: "I could have been paralyzed"
- New Arsenal laundry

And anything else from the wonderful world of football that you'd wish to discuss.  Predictions for the Cup final?  Anyone planning on heading to NY for the Arsenal/Red Bulls game? Any other HOT ARSENAL TAKES to share with the group?  It's a slow day in the world of international football, but there's plenty going on in Arsenal's world, most of it good.  Big signing done, more on the way hopefully - seriously, if you still don't think Wenger knows what he's doing, I don't know what to tell you.

So many things to talk about.  So get to talking!