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Arsenal launch new Puma kit: LIVE STREAM

Hey, let's watch the show!

Jason Merritt

After all the Alexis Sanchez excitement earlier, it's almost easy to forget that Arsenal's launching its first kit line from new partner Puma tonight. If you're a fan of #brands, this is a big moment. If you plan to buy a shirt or two (maybe with a certain Chilean's name on the back), you might want to watch. If you haven't already seen the leaked images...well, in that case I'm not really sure what to tell you, because I'm pretty sure everyone has.

Long story short, though, I figured it would be a good, fun idea to give everyone a place to watch and discuss the launch together. I know y'all are excited about Alexis, and I understand there will be some spillage. But please try to keep this thread limited to kit talk as much as possible, and go to the #WelcomeAlexis thread to talk transfers.

Here's a link. It starts at 5:30 ET (though my understanding is that the main event isn't until half an hour after that). Enjoy!