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World Cup Knockout Round Day Two Open Thread

Who's headed out today?

I'd be sad too if I were wearing that hat
I'd be sad too if I were wearing that hat
Victor Moriyama

So we head to day two of the knockout round, which lets some non-South Americans join in the fun after yesterday's games.

9AM PT:  Holland vs Mexico
1PM PT:  Costa Rica vs Greece

The early game should be pretty fun, with the Dutch, uh, juggernaut? facing Mexico. The little boy returns for the Netherlands, having sat his suspension in the last game, and the Dutch team will look to him to help them take one more step not just towards the Jules Rimet Trophy but also towards something kinda more awesome.

Later, the Costa Ricans take on the Greeks, and as far as I can tell nobody from this game gets to go into space if they win the World Cup, so this game is automatically about 20% less interesting than the first game.

Both games are on ESPN/WatchESPN/ESPN Deportes in the US, CBC in Canada, and, if you're not in one of those places, can show you where you can watch from your lovely home.