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Knockout Round Day One Open Thread

Sixteen down. Who's next?

What Luis Suarez didn't think of
What Luis Suarez didn't think of
Buda Mendes

It's South America Day at the World Cup!

9AM PT: Brazil vs Chile
1PM PT: Colombia vs Uruguay

The media's favorite favorite takes on Chile in the first game, while a toothless Uruguay (SEE WHAT I DID THERE) has to try to find a way to deal with Colombia.  The winners of these games will face each other on Friday.

So it's a Saturday with only two World Cup games.  Whatever will you do with the rest of your day?  The pace of the Cup slows down, but now that there's no points involved, the intensity just goes up.  This is the fun part - or the terrifying part, if you're a pessimistic sort, but either way, this is where things get real real fast.

In the US, both these games are on ABC; Canadians get them on CBC. Other nations' viewing options can be found on LiveSoccerTV.  Enjoy the day, everybody.