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2014 World Cup Day Off Open Thread

Let's talk about....stuff

Because a sad Dempsey is a happy pdb
Because a sad Dempsey is a happy pdb
Robert Cianflone

So the group stage is over, and every team in it scored at least one goal.  That'll make the end-of-tournament pizza party so much more social.  Anyhoo, it's a rest day today, before the kmnckouts start tomorrow, so we have a whole day before another team has to go home.

So let's talk about stuff!  Here's some prompts:

- Favorite moment of the WC so far?
- Favorite goal so far?
- Predictions for finalists/winner?
- As for Arsenal, any surprise performers in the WC they should take a look at?
- Any other Arsenal transfer stuff?

So, have at it.  WC coverage will be back tomorrow, so for now let's look back wistfully at the last two weeks and think about how much fun the next couple might be. Then after that, it's league time again!  Exhausted players get two weeks off before grinding through another 50-60 game season!  Yay, sports!